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    Introduction to data analysis with R

    11/02/2020 au 20/02/2020

    Introduction to data analysis with R [6 demi jours] - [débute le 11-02-2020 à 09:30] - [Anglais] - [Woluwé Saint-Lambert]

    You need a reminder on classical statistical methods? You want to learn the R language? You want to do statistical analyses using one of the more used softwares in the world? The R language is a computing environment and a very flexible and rich progamming language used for statistical data analysis. It's a free and open source software that is regularly enriched with new libraries of functions provided by users. In particular, everyone can create a package.

    This training requires a basic knowledge of statistics.

    Discovering R, standard commands, syntax, presentation of the help pages
    Data management
    Statistical toolbox
    Basic statistical analysis : descriptive analysis, linear regression, ANOVA, test on proportions, goodness of fit test, logistic regression
    Answers to the participant questions

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    Bâtiment Centre Faculté (50)
    Niveau -1

    11-02-2020 de 09:30 à 16:30
    18-02-2020 de 09:30 à 16:30
    20-02-2020 de 09:30 à 16:30

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